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Arizona Window Tint Law

Here is a breakdown of the Arizona car tint law.

For passenger cars

For the front side windows, the tint must allow more than 33% of the light in

For the back side windows, you can use any darkness

For the rear window, you can use any darkness

For SUV’s and Vans

For the front side windows, the tint must allow more than 33% of the light in

For the back side windows, you can use any darkness

For the rear window, you can use any darkness


As you can see, the Arizona window tint law is a little more liberal because of the extreme heat in the summer months. It is not uncommon for the temperature to hover around 110-115 for weeks at a time. Having your windows tinted is a must if you live in the desert.

What if you have a car that has some old tint, and you want to have new tint installed?

Window tinting in Phoenix AZ

Arizona Window Tint LawBefore you do any window tinting in Phoenix AZ,  you may need to remove old, bubbled up, scratched and discolored window tint. We are going to offer suggestions on how to effectively remove the old tint from your car windows.

The best way to remove tint, in general, is to use a hand steamer, and make sure you apply enough heat. You will then grab a corner of the film on the inside of the window. Gently pull the film away from the glass as you are heating the edge.

Once you do this, it should come off nicely.

If the tint has been on the glass for a number of years, you may encounter a layer of glue that is left behind. The remains of the glue can be extremely hard, and it will probably be baked onto the glass. Unfortunately, the steam will not loosen that, so you will have to use other measures to remove the unwanted debris.

There are plenty of methods out there that will claim to remove the glue. Most of these will not work. Some recommend acetone, while others talk about using 1% rubbing alcohol. Some “experts” even talk about using Goo Gone. None of these methods will work to your satisfaction.

We will explain a method that will work on any type of window.

Cleaning the windows

Take some ammonia and a couple of Scotch Brite Copper Scrubbing Pads. Do not worry, the scrubbing pads will not scratch the glass. Quite honestly, using the scrubbing pads is really the only way to remove that baked-on tint and glue. Be sure to take the scrubbing pads and wipe horizontally (side to side) especially on the back window. This is because you will need to wipe along the defroster lines.

On the edges of the window, you actually can scrub vertically (top to bottom) as the defroster lines do not stretch all the way out to the edges.

Once you are done scrubbing with the ammonia, wipe down both sides of the window with a paper towel, then inspect the window to confirm that you did not miss any spots.

This method will work to remove that old, baked on adhesive from your car glass.

After putting on some gloves to protect your hands, dip the scrubber into the ammonia and rub, using a good amount of pressure to complete the job. Because you are scrubbing along the defroster lines, you will not damage the lines.

One indicator that you are removing the glue is that you will hear a change in the sound as you are scrubbing. You will hear a scrubbing noise as you rub on the areas with the stuck on glue. As the glue is removed, the rubbing sound will go away. Once you do not hear the sound anymore, then you know you have removed the debris from the window.


You will want to make sure all of the glue and foreign particles are completely removed from the window before you install a new layer of tint. Using the method above will ensure the window is cleaned. You will now be able to refresh your tint!

If you have any questions about window tinting Phoenix, feel free to contact us.


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