Window Tinting Denver

Here is a fun fact: Did you know that Denver, Colorado averages more than 300 sunny days per year? Surprisingly, that is more than San Diego, California and Miami, Florida.


I never would have guessed that. I mean, come on. More sun than San Diego?

Window Tinting in Denver

With all of that sun out there, I have one question for you?

Does your car have window tinting?

That is a legitimate question. There are several reasons why you would want your car windows tinted.

  1. It is a cosmetic upgrade
  2. It blocks the sun’s rays from entering your car
  3. Keeps the interior of your car cooler
  4. Keeps the interior of your car nicer, longer

I have to say, that when I am driving a rental car that does not have tinted windows, I literally feel naked. I feel that everyone can just see everything that I am doing as I drive down the road. It is actually a weird feeling.

Window Tint Laws in Denver CO

Window Tinting Denver
You are interested in getting your windows treated, but what are the window tint laws in Denver CO?

According to the AAA website, the windshield must have no less than a 70% light transmission. In simple terms, this means that you should not really have any tint installed on the windshield. This makes sense, right? You need to be able to see to drive safely, so the windshield should have very little tint. I would not have any on the windshield.

The side windows in the front (both sides of the driver) may be lightly tinted to allow a minimum of 27% light delivery.

The windows in the rear (both sides of the back seats), including the rear window, may be tinted less than 27%. You can do this IF the front side windows and the windshield have a 70% light distribution. The window should not have a metallic or mirrored appearance.

Based on the window tint laws in Denver CO, these numbers are not unreasonable.

Here are a few fun facts about auto tint in Colorado:

  1. There is a state law, but it is not mandatory, that the car should have a sticker to indicate “legal tint”.
  2. Amber and Red tint colors are not legal in Colorado
  3. Would you like a medical exception to have darker windows? Well, this is not allowed in Colorado
  4. Is your back window tinted? If so, you must have dual side mirrors on your car
  5. A ticket for unlawful window tint will cost you anywhere between $500 to $5000

You got all that?

Why Car Window Tint?

That is a good question. An easy answer could be that window tint will allow you to remain incognito while you are inside the car. I mean, people will not be able to see you from the outside.

That is a pretty good reason, right?

There are other reasons to install window tint on your car. Protection is a big one. Depending on the type of tint that is installed, you can get up to 99.9% UV ray protection. If you live in any city that is sunny, then you know how important that is. In addition to the UV protection, you will also get a reduction in glare. This can be up to 90%. In addition, you will get a reduction of solar heat by as much as 66%. If you live in a “sunny” city or even a city with a hotter climate, the inside of your car will get very hot if it sit’s outside all day.

In some desert cities, such as Las Vegas or Phoenix, it is so hot in the car that you can actually bake cookies inside.

Nice! Or not.

Of course you will have a degree of privacy once you have your windows treated. People that are passing by will not be able to casually look into your car to see the items that are in there. We do not recommend keeping valuables in your car, but in the event that you do, you will have that first layer of protection with darker windows.

An additional benefit of tinted windows that most people do not consider is that you will have limited fragmentation of shattered glass. If you are in a car accident or if someone breaks your glass, the tint will hold a lot of those glass fragments together.


Types of window tint

Window tint is window tint, right? Well, not exactly. Like with anything else, there are various types of tint to choose from. Let’s examine some options:

  • Dyed window film
  • Metalized window film
  • Hybrid window film
  • Carbon window film
  • Ceramic window film

Dyed window film is the least expensive of the bunch, and the least functional. Per the name, the film is dyed, so it does not block the sun rays that well, or keep the interior of there car cool. It is good for privacy though. If that is all you are looking for, then this could be a frugal option. Keep in mind that the dye will turn to a purple color over time, so you will have to change it out quite frequently.

Metalized window film is made with small, metallic fragments embedded in the film. Don’t worry, the naked eye cannot see them. This type of film will show a “mirrored look.” A benefit of this type is that it strengthens the film, making it more shatter-proof. If your window is broken for any reason, it will not shatter all over, making it safer for the occupants of the car. There is a potential drawback to this type. Because of the metal fragments, it may interfere with the GPS system or your mobile devices.

Hybrid window film is a combination, or hybrid, of the dyed and metalized tint. This type of film gives you the best of both worlds, and it is acknowledged as a top performing film. It has a nice appearance while offering heat and glare reduction. It also offers UV protection.

Carbon window film is a better option than the hybrid film. This type of tint film will block 50%-70% of the infrared heat. The carbon film is manufactured with a Nano-Carbon technology. This uses multilayered nano-technology with hundreds of micro layers of polymer. Metal is not used in the production of this type of film. The carbon material provides the coloring of the film and it will not fade.

Ceramic window film is the best quality film that you can buy. It will block twice as much heat as the hybrid or carbon film. Even though it has a relatively light shade, it still absorbs the most heat. Compared to the other film types, it is relatively new on the market. It also has all of the other top features; it is durable, it shatter-proofs the windows, it blocks 70% of solar heat, and it does not block the signals of the GPS and mobile devices like the metalized film does.

Window Tinting Prices in Denver CO

This is the million dollar question, right? This really depends on the quality of the tint. Most people will call around and choose an inexpensive tint. I mean, that is all well and good, but as the old saying goes…”You get what you pay for”. You can get an inexpensive tint, BUT the quality will not be that great, and you will probably have to replace it every few years.

A top-tier tint will be expensive, but if you want it to look good and last several years, then it might be in your best interest to spend the extra money once and get it done correctly. Think of it this way. Let’s say that you are in the market for a new car, and you are looking at a few different car brands. You eventually settle on a specific model. Now you have to decide on the car’s options. Do you want the premium stereo? Do you want that fancy wood trim? How about the nicer exterior paint? If you add these options, it may cost you about $500o more. That sounds like a huge difference in price. If you spend the extra money, you may have a better driving experience, because the music will sound better, and you may feel more comfortable in the upgraded interior.

Would the extra money be worth it?

That is what it breaks down to. Is the money worth it? Only you can decide.