Installing Car Window Tint 

 November 9, 2022

By  WindowTint

What are the steps involved when you want to install car window tint?

Well, we think the soap shrink is the best method to tint a car window.

Installing Car Window Tint Steps

Clean the glass

When you are ready to tint a window, you must make sure that the glass is clean and free of debris. Because of the way that the heat shrinking method works, you cannot have any random particles. Stuff like sand or dirt needs to be completely cleaned off.

To clean the window:

Make sure you do not use the brown or green Scotch Rite pads as they will scratch your glass.

Soak the glass

Smear a heavy layer of soap film all over the rear glass. This is accomplished by:

  • Wetting towel thoroughly - then wring until almost dry
  • Take a bar of soap and rub the soap into the towel to work up a lather
  • Rub the soapy towel onto the class - covering every inch

Once the lather is dry you will be able to see a hazy appearance to the glass. If not, you probably did not get enough soap on the glass. It is also important to make sure that the soap film is completely dry before moving on to the next step.

Now that the window has been soaked and dried, apply a line of water across the center of the glass. A damp sponge will work for this. Apply just enough to keep the film from moving on the glass. Very little water is needed for this. Immediately after wetting the glass, place your film. Put it on as straight as you can without twisting the film. This part may be difficult if you do not have experience with this, but if you have steady hands, it should not be a problem.

Another method of placing the tint is to roll the film backward into a tube. You then unroll it onto the glass. Once the film is in place, secure it by running the squeegee across the window along that waterline you made earlier.

Rough cut the film

Rough cutting actually means trimming the excess film away, leaving about an inch extra beyond the clear part of the glass ends. Now that you have completed the rough cut....

Shrink the film

Heat shrinking is a process done to make the window film fit to compound curves. The film can actually curve in a couple of different directions, but not in two different directions at the same time. To fix that, you must heat-form the film. Window film shrinking is both very challenging and very rewarding.

It is important to think of heat shrinking....not as an enemy....but as a friend. This can actually solve a lot of problems. As you heat the film, you will notice excess areas of the film that are arranged vertically. These are called "fingers." For the film to shrink properly, the fingers must be arranged vertically, in order to align them with the grain of the film. This is because window film can only be shrunk in one direction.

Window film has a grain, and also a limit to how much shrinking can be done in any given area. The goal is to spread there area that is being shrunk, but do not over shrink the film in any area. This can cause pinching and melting.

As you heat the film, smooth out the fingers, while pushing out toward the edge of the window. Repeat this process around the entire window.

One of the benefits of the soap shrink method is that once the film is completely shrunk, you will know it. It will perfectly match the contour of the glass.

Final cut the film

Often times, one of the greatest challenges on final cutting the film on the rear window is being able to see the edge of the glass. In order to facilitate greater visibility, it helps to use a light from the inside of the car to illuminate the window more thoroughly.

Once the excess is cut, spray the outside of the film to reduce static electricity. Peel off the liner and then clean the window.


So, there you have it. You are now able to install car window tint. If you live in a climate where the heat can be unbearable, then you will definitely need this. Comment below and tell us about your experience.

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