How To Install A Quarter Glass Window Film 

 November 9, 2022

By  WindowTint

How to Install a quarter glass window film

Cleaning the glass

Let's go over the steps to prep, cut, and install a quarter glass window film.

The first step is to clean the outside of the quarter glass. Use a soapy water mix and a microfiber cloth. For best results, wash the car before starting any work on the window. This way you will clean off most of the dirt, pollen, etc.

  1. Wash the car
  2. Clean the outside of the windows

When you clean the window, be sure to also clean the surrounding area, so that dust will not attach itself onto the window you are trying to treat.

After the outside of the window is clean, next you will want to razor blade the inside and wipe it, so that there are no contaminates on the inside of the window.

To clean the inside of the glass, you will need:

  1. One-inch razor blade
  2. Towel
  3. Soap cleaning solution

Spray the window, then take the razor blade and rub the glass. The purpose of the razor on the glass is to remove any debris from the glass. This includes glue, any sticky material, or basically anything that is stuck on the window.

Make sure that you are using stainless steel blades. Carbon blades may scratch the glass.

After you run the razor blade on the window, use the towel to wipe down the glass. This will remove the remaining debris that remains on the glass. Be sure to rub the edges around the window to make sure there's no dirt or dust that may fall into the cracks. You do not want some of this dirt to attach itself to the glass before you apply the film.

Installing the film

Once everything is prepped, you will need to prepare the film.

Tip: If you are going to use the same tint percentage as the front door glass, you can actually take the top section and use it to tint the quarter glass. Most of the time the excess will be enough to complete this. You can also use the excess material from the back window tint to cover the quarter window.

Why waste film when you can be smart and use as much as you can?

These instructions will focus on a film roll.

First you spray the glass. Then, pull out enough film to cover the glass. You will then cut it off. If your window film has a straight edge on the bottom, you will just line it up to the bottom of the glass. Spray a little more solution to the film so you can use the squeegee to mount it onto the glass.

If you have a lot of excess film, be sure to put it off before you actually start trimming the film on the window.

The first cut that you should make on any quarter glass is always on the back edge along the rubber gasket. You will then cut out the rest of the window.

When you are cutting along the gasket, you want to make this as straight as possible. Be sure to use a fresh blade, preferably a red dot razor.

Before you start trimming the back, be sure that the excess film is not sticking to the window. If it does stick, then it will pull the film away from the gasket and a gap will form. So, pull the excess film away, and run your finger over the film so it sits tight against the gasket.

Cut the film

Before you pull out the blade, place the razor into the lower corner of the window, then slide the blade out a little. You will then drag the blade upwards to cut the film.

Now that you have a nice straight cut, you may find that there may be a slight gap in the film. There should be enough excess film on the other side to compensate for this gap.

We recommend that you place a light on the inside of the car to make it easier to see as you are cutting the film.

Now you will trim the top and the other side of the glass. Be sure to check the inside of the glass to see how much room you have, and checking the inside will also give you guidance on how close to cut the film.

Cut as close to the window line as possible, following it all the way around. Once this is done, pull off the excess film.


As you are cutting the film off the glass, be sure not to press too hard, as you may gouge the glass. 

More often than not, quarter glass seems to be a softer glass, and you will leave a cut in the glass if you press too hard. Just be careful during the trimming process.

Once you have the quarter glass cut out, you need to get it ready to be mounted on the inside of the car for final installation.

Remove the film and place it on the adjacent roll down glass to complete any final trimming, if needed. To do this, take a teflon card, place it on the bottom of the window, then just pop it up. It should come off easily.

Now you will prep the inside of the glass. This includes spraying it, squeegee the dirt, spray again (with a little bit of water), then instal the film.

Peel the film

Grab the film by a corner, rub it with your fingers to slightly separate the two pieces, then slowly pull apart. Once you have removed the clear layer, spray a little water on it, take the film and apply it on the inside.

Apply the film

Slowly place the film onto the glass, trying not to touch any of the rubber gaskets. Once the film is applied, check all of the edges, making sure that there's no light gaps.

Once you have positioned the film correctly, spray the tint with water, then while holding the film in place, run the squeegee over the film. The film may move a little with the first strokes, so be careful as you squeegee the film.

Once you get the film mounted down and in the right position, you can press harder with the squeegee. Once this is done, grab a towel and dry off the window.

Try not to pull the film from the glass.

Make sure there are no blemishes, then use the heat gun.

Now you have a nice tint on the quarter windows.

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