Cleaning Car Window Tint 

 November 9, 2022

By  WindowTint

Cleaning Car Window Tint

The first thing that you want to be aware of is the type of solution that you are actually spraying on the tinted windows. Tinted windows can range from very cheap/inexpensive to top level film quality. Either way, you really need to be very careful about the type of solution that you use to clean the windows.

You should never use ammonia, alcohol, or anything that is abrasive on the tinted window itself. Solutions with these ingredients could scratch, fade, or crack the film. Believe it or not, solutions with these abrasives can actually help detach the film from the window.

We definitely do not want that!

There are several options out there that will do a good job of cleaning the windows. The materials that we like to use for tinted windows include the following:

Glass cleaner

There are several brands of glass cleaners out there. Once again, just make sure they do not contain ammonia or alcohol. If you go buy glass cleaner at the grocery store, or the local home improvement store, use look for the cleaners without the ammonia. Normally, these glass cleaners will specify that they do not contain ammonia.

Fun fact: Most "Blue" glass cleaners contain ammonia. Ammonia is used by window tint installers and detailers to remove the adhesive that is left on the window after the tint is taken off.

Here is a mix that we have tested and it works really well.

Chemical Guys Wonder Wash is one of the most gentle cleaners on the market. It is a good car wash soap, but where it really excels is on the window cleaning front.

Mix 20 ounces of distilled water with one tablespoon of the Wonder Wash. Pour the mixture into your spray bottle.

This solution is super gentle. It will clean both the inside and the outside of the windows.

Cleaning the windows

When you rub on the tinted windows with just about any type of towel, you will have a high probability of scratching it. We like to use a 500 gram microfiber towel. These are great towels and they will absolutely not scratch the windows. These towels will not leave any lint behind. They are very soft.

Keep in mind that the plastic tint that on the inside of the window is really fragile, so you will want to protect it as best as you can.

Do not use paper towels. Do not use regular bath towels, especially the terrycloth material. These will definitely scratch the film on the inside of the window.

You also do not want to use dish towels. Hey - I know these towel types are convenient and you have them laying around the house. To protect the tint, you should think about investing in the microfiber towels that we mentioned earlier.

To clean the outside of the windows, you can spray the solution directly on the window then just gently wipe clean.

For the inside windows, do not spray directly onto the window. Spray the solution onto the cloth, then gently wipe down the inside of the window.

When you use this method to clean your windows, you will notice that they will end up extremely clean. There will be no streaks on the window film.

Remember, we recommend a higher quality tint, such as the ceramic film. Sure it will cost more, but when you take care of the window tint, it should last as long as you own the car. Cleaning the windows correctly will help with this.


Make sure that you are using an ultra soft towel to wipe down the windows. this alone can mean the difference between tint lasting a year or two, OR the tint lasting several years.

Do not use a solution with ammonia or alcohol. This will shorten the life of the tint.

We hope that you learned a little something about cleaning your tinted windows. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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