Chicago Window Tint Tools

Illinois window tint law

Here are the Illinois window tint laws to make sure your car tint follows the laws of the state.

For Cars

The front side and back side windows must allow light at more than 35%.

The rear window must also have that 35% light number.

For SUVs and Vans

Front side windows must allow light at more than 50%.

The back side windows can be any darkness.

The rear window can be any darkness.

If you are an individual who is looking to get into car window tinting in Chicago, here are some of the basic tools that you will need.

Front Window Tools

Side sweep tools

Yellow Turbo Squeegee

Turbo Squeegee Window Film ToolsThe yellow turbo squeegee is a very basic squeegee, but it is very essential for your toolbox. It comes with a white handle that you will want to remove before you start using it. When using it on windows, you will find that it will start to slip off. For example, if you are using the squeegee on a job and it starts to slip off, it will really start to mess up your technique.

As far as size is concerned, they usually come in a 5 1/2 in or a 3 1/2 in option. The smaller one is great for quarter glass or those hard to get areas. If you cannot find the 3 1/2 in model you can also buy the larger one and cut it down to a working size. This is helpful if you are working on some of the newer cars that have smaller glass, such as Volkswagen, which have a new quarter glass in the front. These are very hard to get into, so cutting down the squeegee should help you get the job done.

Blue Max Squeegee

The Blue Max Squeegee is great. The material is a little bit harder than the Yellow Turbo, and it fits great in the Unger handle. Using a handle with the Blue Max is essential, especially for the back windows. The handle allows you to put consistent pressure on the squeegee.

These are the two main squeegees that we would recommend.

The corner tools that we recommend are the EZ Reach Gold and the EZ Reach Platinum. The newer versions of these have a flat edge to allow you to easily get into smaller areas. The Platinum is softer than the Gold version, but I recommend the Gold.


Red Dot Blade Handle

Ofla Blades

We like this blade handle because it has the most grooves to allow you to have the most control of how large (or small) you want the blade to be. You always want to use stainless steel blades. The Ofla blades are the most recommended. You can get them in a packs of 10 or packs of 50. The 50 pack is a good deal because if you buy more, the cost per blade will be cheaper. The 10 pack is actually pretty inexpensive though.

These blades come coated in oil. This will keep them from rusting or corroding.

For cleaning the inside of the windows, use a razor blade holder. I mean, if you hold a blade in our hand without a holder, it will be a pain in more ways than one.

You can cut yourself, drop the blade, or a myriad of other things could happen. Now, most blade holders already come with a blade inside.

Throw that blade out.

This is not a good blade to use on glass. Use a single edge 1 inch razor from American Line. These are not stainless steel. As long as you keep using a fresh blade, then you do not have to worry about scratching the glass.


Back Window Tools

By the way, do not use a razor blade on the inside of a rear window. You will scrape off the defrosters and that will not be a good thing.

Also, you should look at the type of towels that you will be using. Medical towels work well. The Huck brand is recommended, and you can get a 50 pack for about $22. You should wash them before use, as they can come out of the factory with some lint on them. These towels are for the inside of the windows.

For the outside, use a microfiber towel.

Do not roll down tape is a necessity. People say that they will not roll their windows down, but you know how that goes. People will most likely roll them down, so the tape is needed to remind the car owner not to do this.

You will also need a side swiper. You will also need a Blue Max blade for it. These can be easily replaced, but do not buy a blade replacement until you actually need it. Typically the Blue Max blades do not go bad. You are only using this on the back window on the inside, so technically it will not be used excessively.

When it does go bad, you will see small ridges along the blade.



When cleaning the back window, you will need a long scrubber tool. The scrubber has a velcro pad. Because the scrubber is a long tool, you are able to get into those hard to get areas.

Typically, I will clean the bottom of the window first, then remove the velcro pad and scrub the rest of the back window with just my hand. I find that it is just more efficient that way.


You will also need a spray bottle, preferably a larger one. The little ones do not really offer that much coverage. Use baby shampoo instead of regular soap. You only need to use a tiny bit of it, as “less is more.” You will just have to experiment a little to know the exact amount of soap to use.

If it is hot and humid, you will probably need to use a little more soap, because when it is hot outside, the film will start to stick to the window. Use more soap to keep it slippery enough to slide it on the window.

Window Tint Meter

Laser Labs window tint meterYou should also have a window tint meter in your toolbox. We recommend the Laser Labs brand. The Enforcer II is a small one, and this is a good meter. This is especially useful if you want to match a factory tint on the back window. This is simple to use. All you have to do is place the tint sample into the meter, and it will let you know the percentage.




These are the main tools that you will need for your Chicago Window Tint jobs. Hopefully this guide is enough to get you started. Contact us if you have any additional questions on how to get started.