Benefits of Car Window Tinting

Car window tinting is one of the methods that many people use to personalize their vehicles. Most people do it just to enhance the appearance of their cars. However car window tinting serves more than that. Below are the various reasons why you need window tinting for your car and the various options available.

Reasons why you need the best car window tint

Window tint reduces fading

Reduces Fading

Subjection to direct sunlight can ruin the appearance and the look of the inside of your car. Direct sun beams can result to fading. The dashboard or wheel of the car may start cracking. Having window tinting installed on your vehicle is prevents this.

Window tint keeping it cool

Keeping Cool

With the correct window tint, you can decrease the interior temperatures of your car in the burning summer months by up to 60%. You can adjust balance climate for solace for everybody in the car and chop down fuel utilization from aerating and cooling overuse.

Window tint shattered glass

Shattered Glass Protection

Window tint is designed to shield glass from shattering if hit by objects. In case of a car crash, travelers are shielded from flying glass shards and from being thrown out through windows.

Window tint enhances safety

Enhances Safety While Driving

Window tinting helps driver to cut the glare from the sun and headlight of approaching vehicles. The beams in the car can be exceptionally hazardous and can prove deadly to the people in the car. Window tinting helps him to drive easily and does not have to struggle to get a clear view on the road.

Being Exposed to UV beams from the sun is known to posture potential well-being dangers for your eyes and skin. Window tinting gives a powerful sunscreen for you against the destructive impacts of the sun.

Dyed window tint

Dyed Window Tinting

If you are on a tight financial plan, this can be the ideal car Window tinting option for you. It is comparatively inexpensive and blocks sunlight by several layers of dye. The dye assimilates solar heat and keeps some it from entering your vehicle. However, this option doesn't give the level of protection provided by other tinting options.

It has a dark appearance that increases privacy. Dyed car window tinting fades after some time and would need to be replaced.

This kind of car window tinting can delaminate, which implies the layers can isolate from each other. Over time, the UV beams of the sun can separate the color, making it to change from deep black to a purple.

Metalized Window Tinting options

Metalized Window Tinting

Similar to dyed window tinting, this window tinting option also helps in filtering through heat by reflecting it. However, this option uses small metallic particles to block sunlight as opposed to using color. These particles are practically imperceptible and are inserted inside the tint.

This sort of tinting gives another type of protection, it adds to the window's quality. It increases the shatter-resistance of a window. This sort of tinting can be perceived by its sparkle. It has a higher scratch-resistance vs dyed window tinting.

The main benefits of metalized window tinting:

  • Highly viable in blocking heat
  • Effectively decreases glare
  • Great UV blocking

Metalized window tinting is tough and can last for a longer period of time.

Note, this kind of tinting can interfere with radio technology. In addition to in-glass antennae, it can hinder your mobile phone signal, stop your tire pressure sensors from working appropriately, and some other issues.

Hybrid Window Tinting options

Hybrid Window Tinting

This type of car window tinting has both metallic particles and dye. It gives the constructive effects of both while diminishing their negatives. A regularly used mix is titanium and black color. This mix is neither excessively dim nor excessively reflective or mirror-like.

Hence, the tinting option is sufficiently

brilliant and not very reflective, giving some privacy while obstructing a decent rate of heat and UV beams.


Carbon window tinting options

Carbon Window Tinting

This type of car Window tinting provides many benefits over other window tinting options. It has a one of a kind matte-complete that makes it alluring. Its carbon content aides in blocking around 40% of the IR radiations in that warms the interior. This not just keeps the vehicle's interior cool, it also prevents or reduces upholstery blurring.

This kind of tinting option helps in sparing energy by lessening the requirement for cooling during summer and warming in the winter. Carbon window tinting is really tough and doesn't blur like dye tinting.

Crystalline Window Tinting

Crystalline Window Tinting

Most people want to tint their vehicle's windows without making them dull. If that is your objective, then crystalline window tint is the best choice for you. It will block UV radiations and solar heat without the requirement for a dim film. It will appear as if there is no tinting by any means.


Ceramic window tinting options

Ceramic Window Tinting

If you are searching for high quality car window tinting, then this can be your ideal choice. It contains ceramic particles known for their non-conductive properties. A moderately new kind of tinting, it is costly yet demonstrated for its execution.

It can block half of solar energy without blocking visual. While metallic tinting offers comparative advantages, it can influence the working of electronics since it blocks signals. Ceramic tinting gives a viable and proficient option.

The main advantages of this window tinting option are:

  • Strong resistance to blurring and glare
  • Increases shatter resistance
  • Blocks out UV beams successfully. It can block 99% of UV beams from entering your vehicle, in this way securing against its destructive impacts

The primary detriment of ceramic window tinting is that it can be exorbitant. It is the most costly alternative of all the above window tinting options.

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Since window tint laws are not the same for all states, this is a great resource for those who are looking to get their car windows tinted. The blogs are also great!

Jon Que 

 / Radio Personality


I live n Phoenix, and I was tempted to get dark limo tint for my Benz. This site really helped me choose a tint type that is just dark enough to protect the interior, but not dark enough to get a ticket.

Jerry Russell

/ Real Estate Agent


I did not realize that there were so many different types of window tint. This information will come in handy when I am ready to buy tint for my car.

Bryson Stokes

/ Marketing Guru

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